Quality and Production

LEDA is a leading belgian manufacturer of timeless qualitative seating furniture.

The Collection consists of contemporary seats & sofas with a large assortment of high end fabrics. Most of the collection is available custom made and every piece of furniture is made to order.

“CRAFTSMANSHIP FOR YOU” describes exactly our state of mind. When you buy a LEDA product, you purchase a unique piece!

Discover the advantages of LEDA seats, sofa’s and recliners:

  • semi-customized
  • quality
  • state of the art finishing
  • handmade in Belgium since 1978

“CRAFTSMANSHIP FOR YOU” is not just a slogan.
When you buy a Belgian LEDA seat, sofa or recliner you purchase a unique piece. Discover the advantages of LEDA furniture:

  • High level of finishing
  • Quality materials
  • Semi- custom made
  • Handmade in Belgium since 1978

Semi-Custom made

Quality materials

High level of finishing

Handmade in Belgium since 1978